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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lightning strikes just feet away police officer in Florida

A police officer in central Florida had a close encounter on Tuesday night when lighting struck near him in the department's parking lot.

In surveillance video released by the Apopka Police Department, the canine officer can be seen placing equipment in his police SUV when the bolt struck nearby.

The lightning strike appeared to be so powerful that it turned on the lights on another cruiser in the parking lot. No injuries were reported, but the Apopka Fire Department responded due to a haze in the building.

The police department lost power in its building, and the strike damaged multiple electrical transformers, according to FOX35.


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Anonymous said...

This year we had a storm and a lightning strike made my phone ring.
We had a line issue in the house and the phone although active was not actually functioning and we had a bad storm and just as the bolt hit the ground the phone rang.