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Saturday, June 09, 2018

Legislation Effective June 1

Senator Addie Eckardt, District 37

Notable Legislation That Took Effect

June 1, 2018
SB 228 -- Cybersecurity Incentive Tax Credits is a piece of legislation that I co-sponsored which expands the cybersecurity tax credit to purchases of cyber security services and technology; $2 million is provided to the program in tax year 2018 and $4 million in tax year 2019.

SB 877 -- Promoting ext-Raordinary Innovation in Maryland's Economy, also known as the PRIME Act, was introduced by the Administration as an incentive for Fortune 100 companies, such as Amazon, to establish an eligible project in the State. In January 2018, Amazon announced Montgomery County as a finalist for the competitive site selection process. Specifically, this legislation provides an income tax credit, a tax credit against State and Local property tax, and a sales and use tax exemption. In order to qualify, the company much be a Fortune 100 company that establishes a project in the State where the project last longer than 17 years, creates over 40,000 qualified positions, and expends at least $4.5 billion on construction projects.

HB 605 – State Student Loan Refinancing Program – Market-Specific Consultant Study requires the Department of Legislative Services (DLS), the Maryland Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority (MHHEFA), and the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) to conduct a study on the Maryland student loan market. This study will include a cost analysis, demand analysis, and an examination of the implications of establishing a direct student loan program.

HB 281 – Education – Computer Science – Curriculum and Professional Development (Securing the Future: Computer Science Education for All)  requires County School Boards to offer at least one high-quality computer science course in each high school beginning in the 2021-2022 school year.

HB 1415 – Education – Commission on Innovation an Excellence inEducation extends the deadline for the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education to complete its work by one year. It also establishes after school literacy programs and provides funding for them, establishes a teacher retention program, establishes and mandates funding for a pre-kindergarten education initiative and requires $200 million of income tax revenue obtained in FY 2019 to be distributed to the Kirwan Commission fund.

HB 547/SB 373 – Education – Head Start Program – Annual Appropriation (The Ulysses Currie Act), that I co-sponsored, renames the Head Start Program as the Ulysses Currie Head Start Program and requires the Governor to appropriate at least $3 million for the Program annually.

SB 1265 – Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018, in which I co-sponsoredis a multi-faceted approach to protecting schools from crime, specifically gun violence. In addition to many other things, it requires adequate police coverage at all schools and provides funding for capital safety improvements to local jurisdictions. It also established the School Safety Subcabinet, which serves as the governing body of the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS). It provides at least $2 million in funding annually for MCSS.

HB 3 – Environment – U.S. Climate Alliance – Membership requires the Governor to include Maryland as a member of the U.S. Climate Alliance by July 1, 2018; this bill also requires the Governor to report annually, beginning December 1, 2018, on the State’s participation in the alliance.

SB 968/HB 243  -- Task Force on Rural Internet, Broadband, Wireless, and Cellular Service – Study and Extension was one of my bills that expands the aforementioned Task Force to include all rural areas of the State, requires the Task Force to solicit input from local governments, internet service providers, and wireless service providers to calculate the cost for universal last-mile broadband coverage. The Task Force is extended to May 31, 2019.

HB 922 – Maryland Department of Health – “Pill Mill” Tip Line and Overdose Report requires the Department of Health (MDH), by December 1, 2018, to identify a method for establishing a tip line for a person to report a licensed prescriber who the person suspects is prescribing or overprescribing medication.

HB 1124 – Criminal Procedure – Statewide Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Tracking System – Recommendations requires the Maryland Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Policy and Funding Committee to create recommendations regarding the creation and operation of a statewide sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system; this system will be accessible by victims and law enforcement.

SB 553 – State Government – Security Training --  Protection of Security-Sensitive Data requires each unit of State government to identify individuals who access “Security-Sensitive Data” and provide them with annual training on how to properly and safely handle that information. It also requires the Department of Information Technology to develop and maintain security training material that focuses on data protection and integrity.


Anonymous said...

Is the Head Start Program effective and a good investment?

Anonymous said...

Climate alliance??? Growing up, we were supposed to freeze to death because an ice age was coming....that was early 70's..still waiting.....

Anonymous said...

Google this up:

Report: Scant Scientific Evidence for Head Start Programs' Effectiveness
A review of 90 studies found only one that met scientific muster, and it showed disappointing results.

Anonymous said...

On Head Start, dittos to 5:20 and 10:58am.. If WE know this; WHY don't our, so called, Leaders know this. WHY aren't they apprised and up to date on the Head Start Program??? We Continue to throw good money into a failing program. BAD LEGISLATION and Stop wasting OUR tax dollars!!!

On Climate Change; STOP Wasting our tax dollars on this crap. The Climate has been changing for thousands of years and NO amount of money is going to Stop this. WAKE UP people and put a stop to this NOW!!!

On Broadband; When are YOU going to get TRUE Broadband on the Eastern Shore of Maryland so we can have True Competition...Comcast, Verizon are the PITS, are overpriced and we have NO Place to go to get better service and better prices. DO SOMETHING NOW and stop Playing with this. Words Don't get the job done. Just stop promising and do it.

Anonymous said...

Head Start is little more than government babysitting with basic reading skill instruction thrown in. There are better ways to achieve even more substantial reading gains in early childhood, but HS has become a weak standard.