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Saturday, June 09, 2018

Amazon Gives In to Muslim Employee Ramadan Demands

Amazon has given in to demands from Muslim employees who requested various perks and work changes during Ramadan, which also coincides with Amazon’s biggest sale of the year.

According to Bloomberg, the fact that Ramadan was at the same time as Amazon Prime Day this year was “creating tension” among employees in “Minnesota’s Twin Cities region, where activists say Inc. employs more than 1,000 East African Muslim immigrants at four warehouses.”

Employees and other activists protested at the Eagan, Minnesota, delivery center, where they chanted in Somali and handed Amazon management a list of demands for Ramadan, which reportedly included a “call to curb their heavy workloads while they’re fasting and to let them take time off without penalty for Eid, the festival that ends Ramadan.”

Amazon announced that they would provide prayer rooms for employees at work and “would ease up on employees’ quotas for the duration of the fast.”



Anonymous said...

And so the end begins...

Brian S Dayton said...

Well ain't that just ducky.

Anonymous said...

Amazon is part of the globalist bankers cabal for Order out of Chaos.
That is obvious.
Amazon has been used to create chaos in our economy by selling goods below cost.
They represent the international bankers who have a monopoly on credit (debt creation).
These people literally print money from thin air.

lmclain said...

Move the plant to Mexico.

Then, wall that town off and set it fire. For several staright days.
Just to be sure.

These things are worse than roaches.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the working conditions you can look for another job. Or, Amazon can close the factory and move it where people want to actually work.

Does the time off for their religion "without penalty" translate to being paid for not being on the job?

On the other hand, any non muslim worker can 'self identify' as a muslim and take the time off too.

Anonymous said...

COWARDS. They will pay for that one.