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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Potty-mouthed New Mexico Democrat says ‘F*** the NRA’ in latest campaign ad

New Mexico congressional candidate Pat Davis aired an expletive anti-NRA television advertisement on Friday that made news for all the wrong reasons.

In the 15-second spot, Davis opens the ad with the words “F*** the NRA.”

The searing statement was then followed up with ridiculous assertions that the National Rifle Association is responsible for dead mothers and children.

Davis, a Democrat who currently serves on the Albuquerque City Council, accused the NRA’s “pro-gun policies” for “dead children, dead mothers, and dead fathers” and admitted in a blog post that while his statement wasn’t polite, it was the only way to get the NRA’s attention.



Anonymous said...

About the only way democrats can get there name in the news. You know, with all of Trump's winning going on.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the voting public is starting to get sick of these liberal wastes of oxygen!

Anonymous said...

Councilman Davis, the best way to get the NRA's attention is to send them a fat donation. You know, the sugar vs. vinegar thing.

Anonymous said...

Slow up Mr. President, I'm tired of winning.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Just what we need? Another liberal moron who thinks they know better, with plans to tell us how to live? Funny how these kooks line up for supposedly serve the people.

Anonymous said...

Research shows potty mouths are generally more honest people. Curse away dude.