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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

'Broccoli is a life saver': TV doctor reveals why the green vegetable is the ONLY one to eat

A GP has described broccoli as a 'life saver'.

According to TV Dr Rangan Chatterjee, who has appeared on the BBC programme Doctor in the House, if people are going to eat any vegetable, broccoli should be the one they opt for.

Dr Chatterjee, who recently wrote the book 'The 4 Pillar Plan', claims the humble vegetable boosts people's gut bacteria, which helps to support their immune systems and improve their bowel health.

Previous research suggests 'good' bacteria in the gut is also linked to people being a healthy weight and having a reduced risk of suffering mental-health disorders.

Speaking to MailOnline, Dr Chatterjee, who recently spoke at the Guts Conversation meeting, explains why broccoli is so healthy and the importance of gut health.


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