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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Was the Starbucks Incident a Setup?

I live in an Italian neighborhood in the Bronx. Growing up, it was a place where racism was not only rampant, but seemingly an integral part of the community's essence – so much so that it was one of the jurisdictions covered by Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Any changes made to election practices or procedures necessitated preclearance from Department of Justice. I wrote about my neighborhood here.

As the world turns, times change. Today, while the area is still mostly white, the balance shows a level of diversity that would have appalled the Mob wannabes with their baseball bats from back in the day. Blacks now live in a place where forty years ago they would have caught a beating just walking through.

In any case, I bring this up to elucidate two recent instances of bigotry in my life and the similarity they have to the now infamous Starbucks incident.

Once a month, I go to a bank in a neighborhood that is probably 95% black. After conducting business, I go to the supermarket next door. I have never seen a white person in the bank and only occasionally see one in the supermarket.



Anonymous said...

Yes it was a setup. They didn’t order on purpose and then as soon as the cops start arresting them the guy they have been waiting suddenly shows up. You have been hoodwinked

Anonymous said...

Honestly what is with all these conspiracy theories. I can't believe you give credit to idiots like Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

What all of you fail to realize due to the lack of real reporting is that the Starbucks where this happened is in Rittenhouse Square. This neighborhood in Philadelphia is 90% white and most condos/apts. cost a %1 million +. Don't take my word, just google it.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience in Boscov's CS dept just last year. The black customer service rep skipped me, a white woman, to serve the black woman waiting behind me. I also didn't make a fuss, though the customer was also a bit surprised. Sorry, liberals, reverse discrimination is real.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of reverse discrimation. One afternoon while I was shopping I saw this late middle age black woman leaning over her cart with a small kid maybe 6 months approaching me. She was moving slowly and what a surprise when I felt her cart on top of my back foot. I said "0uch" that hear. She said to me you weren't hurt and besides you ran to get in front of her." It wasn't like we were keeping out. Her reaction set me back a little. No I am sorry. Didn't see you. Anything to acknowledge she did anything but say it didn't hurt. I really believe it was done on purpose. No well

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience at the wine rack in Fruitland. Black male helped two black customers skipping over me. Both were younger than I and one male and one female. I left. No returning.

Anonymous said...

Yes ....a Set up
If they are told to Leave they should Leave , like anyone
else something or GOOOOOOOO !!!