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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The last word on Chappaquiddick (for now)

Believe it or not, there are still things to be said about Chappaquiddick. One of them is that the real thing that protected Ted Kennedy from the wrath of the crowd after his failure of nerve in that night of dark water was much less his family’s money and power than the strength of the victim mystique.

This began with the death of Joseph Kennedy Jr., in 1944 in a suicide mission, continued with the death of their sister Kathleen Kennedy, and crested with the assassination of Jack Kennedy, which traumatized the whole nation. The unbelievable rerun with the murder of Bobby Kennedy sealed the image of the Kennedys as victims of fate and of horrible things which they bore with nobility. This had been so deeply engraved in the mind of the nation that the idea that one of their number could not be brave, could not be honest, and could be in fact the cause of harm coming to others seemed much too unreal be true.

Kennedys were killed; they didn’t kill people; tragedy sought them out, they didn’t invite it, they ran into danger, not from it.



Anonymous said...

What is the basis for the statement that Joe, Jr., was on a suicide mission?

Anonymous said...

The Kennedy's are just the same as the Clinton's. Just a different time period.

Anonymous said...

They always leave out the mentally disabled sister, Rosemary, who was zombified with a frontal lobotomy then left in a convent to wither away.

Anonymous said...

You may want to read about the Joe Jr case.
Very interesting indeed.
He was obviously "supposed" to be POTUS and was promised to Joe Sr.

This crime family had to substitute the inferior pervert Jack Kennedy as POTUS once Joe Jr was murdered in combat.

Jack was a complete idiot as was his stupid brother Robert.
They actually thought the POTUS had POWER and could challenge the Federal Reserve Bankers!
The CIA obviously worked for the FED Bankers and so they challenged them as well - publicly!
The bankers (Masters of the Universe) had not choice but murder BOTH brothers (Robert didn't learn from his brother's murder)
Unbelievably stupid people. Seriously stupid.

Anonymous said...

After Ted drove into the water, his part-time job as drivers training instructor was ended.