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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Candace Owens Smacks Down Black Lives Matter, Kanye Approves

Conservative writer and commentator Candace Owens earned some celebrity cheers and jeers Saturday after she posted a must-see video of herself smacking down a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who were trying to disrupt aTurning Point USA event at UCLA Wednesday night.

Owens, the communications director for TPUSA and frequent guest on Fox News, was having none of it, and let the protesters know in no uncertain terms what she thought about their "victim mentality."

"It's embarrassing!" she exclaimed.

"There is an ideological civil war happening," Owens told the audience. "Black people that are focused on their past and shouting about slavery, and black people that are focused on their futures."

"I can guarantee you, what you're seeing happening is victim mentality versus victor mentality!

"I love that!" TPUSA co-host Charlie Kirk interjected.



Anonymous said...

They will now be targeted by the media.

Anonymous said...

What a smart, beautiful and intelligent woman Candace is. She has really gained some traction lately. She is the black Tomi Lahren. Wonderful to see these women out there speaking the truth. Compare these two to the pink hat wearing, pink haired, nasty liberal women out there yelling and still complaining - it is night and day!

Anonymous said...

Black lives only matter to the dead persons close family and friends. The rest of the public could care less. This is the cold hard truth.

But if there is a possibility of a cash payout, then Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other leeches show up! It is like that game where a player tosses a card out called "Share the Wealth" when another play wins big.

Anonymous said...

12:43 so true, I don't care they are killing each other.