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Friday, April 20, 2018

Republicans Chances Of Keeping The House

Republicans’ hopes for maintaining control of the House are dwindling and that is likely an understatement.

Forty-six House Republicans are either resigning, retiring or seeking other office in 2018. Roughly 22 House members retire each election cycle, so to say the party is going through a seismic shift is not a misnomer.

In fact, its been nearly 25 years — since 1994 — that a majority party incurred as many losses as Republicans have this year. Democrats controlled the House leading up the to the 1994 midterms. The party had 28 members announce retirement and Republicans subsequently took them to the cleaners, picking up 54 seats and outright claiming the majority in what is now known as the “Republican Revolution.”

Following what was a quiet stream of weeks after the months-long chain of Republicans fleeing the House, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan rattled Capitol Hill early last week, declaring he will hang up his hat after serving almost 20 years in the lower chamber. Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania dealt another blow to the party Tuesday morning, becoming the 46th Republican on a growing list of casualties.



Anonymous said...

We need a third Trump party as 1/2 the republicans are democrats anyway

Anonymous said...

As George Carlin said, "It's a big club and you ain't in it".

Anonymous said...

Do these idiots want a Hillary Obama Whitehouse AGAIN ?

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I would run for Congress but we already have a pretty good guy in the 1st District. Maybe when Dr. Harris retires.

Anonymous said...

Trump is draining the swamp. You are going to end up with a democrat controlled congress in 2018 and a democrat POTUS in 2020.

Anonymous said...

I would say suggest every registered Republican change parties and vote in their primary.

Anonymous said...

And, this isn't true. It is only what the media wants you to think. The democrats have absolutely nothing new to run on! They are toast, but let them think they are going to win.

Anonymous said...

Everyone will know how they rate come NEXT tax year (2019 filing 2018 returns). IF all goes well for the President, there will be no need for worrying.

IF filing/returns are a disaster - it won't matter who's in charge, the other group will be favored!

Anonymous said...

Most likely the financiers of the campaigns will want to allow the pendulum to swing back to the left.
They need to keep the masses from getting angry or taking any action.
First they cram fake conservatism down our throats then they will cram liberalism (communism) down our throats.

they keep the little people off balance this way.

Politicians are CHOSEN, not el-ected.