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Monday, March 19, 2018

Politicians Furious after MP Warns Chain Migration Bill Could Bring Germany-style Terrorism, Sex Attacks to UK

A Conservative MP faced furious shouts of “disgrace” during a bid to stop a chain migration bill which he warned is not in the British people’s interests, and was likely to encourage would-be migrants to set out on dangerous trips to Britain.

As Ranil Jayawardena urged MPs to represent the interests of their constituents rather than “virtue signal” over the Refugees (Family Reunion) Bill in the Commons, politicians jeered and howled “shame”, with one Labour figure even expressing disbelief that a non-white MP would support limits on immigration.

Delivering a half hour speech explaining his “doubts” about the Bill, which would allow supposedly underage migrant youths to import large numbers of family members, the North East Hampshire MP referred to terror attacks and mass sexual assaults carried out by asylum seekers in Germany since the migrant crisis began.

“And as a consequence by April 2019 while a majority of Germans would still say refugees were very welcome or quite welcome, a majority were also saying for the first time that their country simply cannot take in any more refugees,” he said.



Anonymous said...

If they can't learn from the EU's mistakes, they must ask themselves why they left the Union.

Anonymous said...

Trump has emboldened me,and most of us.

Anonymous said...

Once you realize this is a global satanic plot to demonize the globe it all makes perfect sense. Muslims are the sharpest tool of satan