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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Iron Eyes Lizzy Is 'Not Running' for President

We’ve long teased Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren over her tenuous claims of Native American ancestry, calling her Sacaja-Warren and Fauxcahontas. Well, here’s a new one that may fit best of all: Iron Eyes Lizzy.

Readers of a certain age will recall Iron Eyes Cody, the actor known for portraying Native Americans in numerous Hollywood films, as well as shedding a tear in one of the country’s most well-known television public service announcements, “Keep America Beautiful.” Well, Ole Iron Eyes was actually Espera Oscar de Corti, an Italian-American pretending to be an Indian — not just in commercials and movies but in real life. His ruse lasted until his half-sister outed him decades later, though he lied about it so long he may have actually convinced himself he was Indian.

So you can see why that behavior fits Warren quite well. As we’ve noted, Warren has used this supposed ancestry for gain in both her academic and political careers. That continues to this day.

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Mee big chief. said...

I wish she would run Trump would tear her apart lol.

Anonymous said...

Most of us can recall the time when we could say we were part Native American without anyone questioning it.Now her attorneys are advising her not to submit a DNA sample because she knows what the outcome will most likely be.

Anonymous said...

An Italian pretending to be an Indian
Bet he says, "How........ you doin'"