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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Dem Rep: Louis Farrakhan Is an ‘Outstanding Human Being’

A House Democrat on Tuesday defended having met with controversial activist and imam Louis Farrakhan, saying the Nation of Islam leader was an "outstanding human being."

The Daily Caller asked Rep. Danny Davis (D., Ill.) about the revelation that the black separatist leader met with the Congressional Black Caucus in 2005 and was photographed meeting future president Barack Obama during a 2006 CBC meeting.

"I personally know [Farrakhan]; I’ve been to his home, done meetings, participated in events with him," Davis responded.

"I don’t regard Louis Farrakhan as an aberration or anything; I regard him as an outstanding human being who commands a following of individuals who are learned and articulate. And he plays a big role in the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people," he continued.

Farrakhan has been labeled a virulent anti-Semite by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which notes he "routinely accuses Jews of manipulating the U.S. government and controlling the levers of world power," and has praised Adolf Hitler as a "very great man."



Anonymous said...

Democrats are really off their rockers. I hope people are paying attention to this crap.

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan is correct about the extensive influence (control) that the Jewish Banking Families exert over the US government. We all get that. It is obvious.

However, in no way can he support the claim that Mr. Hitler was a "very great man". Mr. Hitler too, worked for the Jewish Banking Families in both London and Wall Street. He did what he was told to do. He helped them destroy the lives of millions of people.

Anonymous said...

Just another racist Democrat. Nothing to see here, move along.

Anonymous said...

Even an evil genius is still a genius.

Anonymous said...

He refers to white people as devils. He openly hates white people and has been saying if for 50 years.