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Friday, February 09, 2018

Crews stocked 1,100 trout today in Queen Anne's, Wicomico and Worcester counties

Beaverdam Creek, Wicomico County: 450 golden/rainbow trout
Shad Landing Pond, Worcester County: 450 golden/rainbow trout
Unicorn Branch, Queen Anne's County (two per day): 200 golden/rainbow trout


Anonymous said...

The illegal immigrants thank you!! Sad to read every summer how their charged with pouching hundreds of fish illegally

Anonymous said...

Most of those trout are caught by kids and thats fine,I would also like to see them stock places where people can't fish so maybe they might reproduce in the wild.

Anonymous said...

To warm down here and not enough elevation and oxygen for the fish to live. Any that aren't caught will be dead by June. Western md can and does support naturally reproducing trout populations