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Friday, February 09, 2018

FBI lovers texts: Obama wanted info on Clinton email probe

President Donald Trump trumpeted the release of new private texts from a pair of FBI lovers that said former President Obama wanted to know 'everything' about the FBI's Hillary Clinton email probe.

An FBI lawyer wrote in a newly revealed text to her lover in late 2016 that then-president Barack Obama wanted updates on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Two months before the presidential election, Lisa Page wrote to fellow FBI official Peter Strzok that she was working on a memo for then-FBI director James Comey because Obama 'wants to know everything we're doing.'

Obama had said five months earlier during a Fox News Channel interview that he could 'guarantee' he wouldn't interfere with that investigation.

President jumped on the news, sending out an all-caps tweet about it. ''NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!' Trump wrote.



Anonymous said...

That's not what Obama told us.

Anonymous said...

Such lies. All the democrats do is lie constantly and their ignoramus worthless voters fall for it. The clinton investigation ended in July. The text was from September.