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Monday, January 22, 2018

What Bosses Want To Say To Millennials (And This One Just Did)

It’s the kind of “real talk” that’s so desperately needed in the workplace … but of course can’t happen.

Hypersensitive, man-bun-toting, green-tea-latte sipping, overgrown toddlers have made sure that the HR team has transformed from a place of professional development to safe space enforcers and a lawsuit breeding ground.

Before you get your anime panties all up in a bunch, kiddo, I’m not talking about legitimate issues like true sexual harassment or discrimination cases. Those are what Human Resources is actually supposed to be for. And WASuntil you started using them for your daily therapy to deal with life.

No, I’m talking about your “she said mean things” and “he wrote me up” and “they ran out of almond milk in the fridge” garbage that’s giving our generation a bad name.

That’s right – I said OUR generation.

Because I’m a millennial … who unfortunately has to deal with the completely well-deserved reputation that you clowns are giving those of us who are actually hunkered down and working our faces off for a living.


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Anonymous said...

Don't worry shorebillies, they tend to populate places with jobs :)