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Monday, January 22, 2018

Congress Passes Bill To End 3-Day Government Shutdown

Updated at 6:15 p.m. ET

Congress has passed a stopgap spending bill, sending the measure to President Trump's desk to end the partial shutdown of the federal government, now in its third day.

The White House has indicated Trump will sign the bill in time for normal operations to resume by Tuesday morning.

The bill passed the Senate on a 81-18 vote, but the real hurdle was the procedural vote earlier in the day requiring at least 60 votes. That's where the measure hit a snafu late Friday night, triggering the stalemate. The House later passed the 17-day extension by a 266-150 vote.

Shortly before the Monday procedural vote was set to begin, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., announced that he would vote to reopen the government along with enough Democrats needed to advance the bill. After 24 hours of furious negotiation over plans to consider immigration legislation in the coming weeks, the Senate voted to move forward with the continuing resolution, which would fund the government through Feb. 8.

In exchange for his support, Schumer said, he has received assurances from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., that if an agreement isn't reached by then, the GOP leader will bring a vote to the floor on legislation to grant legal status to those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, roughly 700,000 immigrants who are in the country illegally after being brought here as children. The bill also extends the expired Children's Health Insurance Program for six years.



Anonymous said...

Back to the drawing board again in 16 days....but wait, the house is only in session 5 and a half days over the next 16.

And we wonder why nothing ever gets done.

Anonymous said...

Same old same old
It never ends

Anonymous said...

Schumer & Pelosi > ALL their fault & doing > they Own it

They got more power than the POTUS ....Not Right !!!!

Anonymous said...

Need New Law on how Congress Must Operate !!!

Not right that One person can Ruin so many other people &
Country !!!! (Schumer) Make him pay back the Millions He
caused US Govt to Loose on Shut down !!!!

One person can cause (and he not even POTUS) All Military to
Not Get Paid !!!!

Anonymous said...

Throw out All Demon-crats from office !!!!

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Really. Lets fire all of those Crooks who voted for Shutdown and start over. I bet there would be something done quick. Start with Democ-rats and RINO's.

Anonymous said...

So Chuckie and the Dems shut down the government for the weekend for absolutely nothing. Well some government employees got a 3 day weekend out of it.

Anonymous said...

Read this article over and over would you SBY residents!!! Can you even read??? It says, and I quote, PARTIAL SHUTDOWN...IT is all in the words you clowns... There is never a real shutdown, it is all a tactic to get you all worked up and scared to give in to their demands... And it works every time...

Anonymous said...

When the GOP mantra became the Democrat and Schumer shutdown cares more about illegal aliens than our military and our citizens, Schumer and his lock-step minions had no choice but to back down. Trump, the master of the deal, wins again. Go Trump! MAGA!