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Monday, January 22, 2018

Dreamers reject compromise to reopen government

A key group of illegal immigrant “Dreamers” said Sunday that a deal lawmakers are considering to reopen the government with a promise to turn to immigration soon isn’t good enough, heaping more pressure on Democrats to keep the shutdown going.

Dreamers staged a vigil at the Capitol Sunday evening, amid rumblings that a bipartisan group was seeking a way to end the shutdown. Senators said they were considering voting for a bill to fund the government through Feb. 8, in exchange for a commitment to debate immigration in February, in the run-up to a March 5 deadline.

But United We Dream, a major advocacy group for Dreamers, said future action isn’t enough.



Anonymous said...

Democrats are putting illegals above Americans for votes

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens want government shut down? Only in America lol.

Anonymous said...

Since when do we bow down to people's demands from other countries? If I were to do the bidding of another countries people against Americans is that not the definition of treason?

Anonymous said...

the illegals want to tell us what to do. the sorry thing is that the democrats are listening and they think they are going to win in a landslide this fall.

Anonymous said...

Since when do people that are not citizens tell us what to do. If they don’t like it go back to country. It’s not our faulty you were brought in to our country. Take your education you received for free and go back and make a difference in you country!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess what folks, You are the people who let them do all of this so why are you not blaming yourself???

Anonymous said...

Dreamers say, eh? They have done what for their country? They could have done what so they wouldn't be in this position?

The paperwork was too much you whine?

Next subject please!

Anonymous said...

I didn't let them do this. If I hadn't way the would have been turned away the first day. But no obama saw future voters
Obama destroyed this country in 8 years. Trump will fix it MAGA.