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Friday, January 26, 2018

Maryland Attorney General News Releases Update

BALTIMORE, MD – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today issued the following statement:

“Governor Hogan often issues a press release saying he has ‘directed’ us to do something after we have asked for his approval. As he has done here.

Read more in the full press release:


Steve said...

This is the same jackass that's suing President Trump because he doesn't like the competition that the Trump Hotel gives to his POS hotels in the same neighborhood.

This "lawsuit" will, of course fail miserably, as should anything else this jerk wants to have as an agenda item.

Get over yourself, Frosh, and the elections can't come soon enough for us REAL Marylanders!!!

Anonymous said...

Frosh is a rabid political animal who is neglecting his official duties and using his elected office to try to impugn Republicans, especially President Trump and Governor Hogan.

He should be removed from office. Unfortunately, our Democrat dominated General Assembly won't do a thing to that end.

Anonymous said...

Put your house up for sale and move i am. Done with this states!! libtards & communist running the insane asylum

Anonymous said...

Why would you need four people to do your job? Why can't you just buckle down and get to work and do your job yourself?

Anonymous said...