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Friday, January 26, 2018

China's illegal opioids enter U.S. through Postal Service gaps: probe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Illegal shipments of the powerful and addictive opioid fentanyl are pouring into the United States by mail from China and the U.S. Postal Service must step up the use of high-tech detection methods to fight the problem, according to a congressional report unveiled on Wednesday.

A year-long probe by a Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs investigations subcommittee found there is easy access for buyers in the United States to purchase fentanyl, often in relatively large quantities, through the internet.

The drugs are mailed by “labs” in China to individuals who consume them or to middlemen who dilute them for resale.

Investigators refused to divulge the names of the labs.



Anonymous said...

Bet money your own gub-ment has a hand in this. Just like the cocaine in the 80's. The LSD in the 60's. The Guns in the 80,90 and today.

Your gub-ment has had a hand in many a plot to cause the public fatal harm.

But, you know. STFU. you are a subject and you will do what you are told.

There is no way that this is not happening without the consent of our government.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again how a wall will help?

Anonymous said...

It's an insurmountable task, even (maybe especially) for government.
The senders will find a way. For doubters, name a substance-related prohibition that has ever worked. Yes, you can even use the places where the death penalty is carried out with haste and prejudice. Underground drug sales and production cater to a range of buyers in all socioeconomic classes worldwide. The distribution system is multilevel and omnipresent. The government can't win, even after sacrificing trillions of our dollars chasing the demons.
In the big picture, we are puny, the planet is huge, and there are people who want to make money, and here's a a product that the public wants. Risk vs. reward consideration points toward reward for the producers and distributors.

Anonymous said...

They knew what they were doing using the USPS. Their operating on a skeleton workforce as it is. Everyone that has retired or they've pressured to quit have never been replaced.

Anonymous said...

That explain why a package I sent to Forida was supposed to be delivered on the 24 of Jan. 7 days now. USPS tracking stopped - no one cares. How in the world are they going to track Dr if they can't find my package which I paid $44.00 for delivery. Dumb I know to use USPS but I felt sorry for them. Not anymore. Lazy bunch of workers. Do they have to make a profit - I believe not. So who at USPS care - no one.

Anonymous said...

The drug culture and dope fiends in the Unites States are making other countries around the word rich and powerful. It's a shame. This country is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Never ever use them people!! They are in total disarray, no one cares anymore. Just give them a check