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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

WaPo Omitted Key Details From Its Hit Piece On Another Cabinet Member’s Jet Travel

The Washington Post omitted key details from a piece criticizing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s charter of a $12,000 private flight after giving a speech to a hockey team coached by a former campaign donor.

The news comes as Health Secretary Tom Price promised to partially pay taxpayers for chartering $400,000 worth of private flights. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has also come under fire for chartering private flights.

WaPo was quick to point out that the private plane was owned by oil and gas executives and chartered though an independent company, Choice Aviation LLC, at a cost of $12,375 to taxpayers. The flight was paid for out of the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) budget.

But WaPo writers didn’t mention that Choice Aviation has been contracting with the DOI since 2014, according to E&E News. The company is contracted to transport officials when needed, and also assists with firefighting and surveying federal lands.



Anonymous said...

Let's Talk about PELOSI'S Private Luxury JET TRAVELS !!

Anonymous said...

How about Menendez? What's WAPO have to say about him?

Anonymous said...

It's the WashCompost, owned by the guy who runs Amazon. It's a Democrat rag propped up by the online merchant. For the most part it has ceased to be factually reliable.