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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Federal contractor fined for illegally donating $200,000 to pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC

Federal Election Commission officials have fined a federal contractor on Thursday for donating $200,000 to a Hillary Clinton super PAC, setting a historic precedent.

Federal contractors are prohibited from donating to political groups under the federal laws.

A Massachusetts-based company, Suffolk Construction, was fined $34,000 for making two $100,000 donations in 2015 to a pro-Clinton Priorities USA Action group while having a million-dollar government contract.

The company has been awarded more than $168 million in government contracts since 2008 and held a contract with the Department of Defense worth more than $1.2 million between at the time of the donations, according to an FEC letter published by the Campaign Legal Center.

Priorities USA Action is known as one of the Democratic Party's most powerful PACs that supported Barack Obama in 2012, and was the leading pro-Clinton group during the 2016 presidential elections, spending more than $126 million against now-President Donald Trump.



Anonymous said...

Why didn't they fine them what they donated, plus interest.

Anonymous said...

Another BRIBE (of MANY) !!!