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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Father of ex-Louisville star: I was offered $100K from rival

The father of a former University of Louisville basketball star stood silent as the school weathered several scandals over the past few years, including allegations that an assistant coach hired escorts to entice recruits and the news that coach Rick Pitino was extorted by a former mistress he impregnated. But he worries that the latest allegation — that players took money from Adidas to attend the Kentucky school — could taint his son and his former teammates forever. Here the dad — who, to protect his son’s identity, asked that his own name not be revealed — shares his fears and recalls his experience as the father of a top-ranked recruit — including being offered bribes by another university.

WHEN my son was in high school, I was approached at an AAU tournament by someone from a rival of Louisville’s. He said, “If you want to go to our school, we can get you $100,000.”

But I never considered it, so I didn’t ask for details.


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