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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Actual law school courses: “Social Justice Lawyering” and “First Amendment Fundamentalism”

University of Miami (UM) School of Law is teaching future lawyers how to advocate for social justice, amongst other left-wing causes.

One course, Social Justice Lawyering, “explores the role of lawyers in work for social change.” According to its online course description, students learn of the histories of social justice lawyering while also examining modern day causes.

A more specific course, Immigration Law, covers “foundations of the immigration power” and “substantive provisions and procedures governing admission and exclusion” as well as “refugees and political asylum; judicial review; and the evolving meaning and value of citizenship.” It is accompanied with a two-semester, six credit Immigration Clinic.

The Coral Gables law school also offers courses in Climate Change and Environmental Justice. The course in climate change covers topics including “the intersection of human rights and climate change.” The latter course focuses on “advocacy and transactional assistance to low- and moderate-income communities discriminated against by public and private actors in the fields of civil rights.”



Anonymous said...

U of Miami Law was ranked #60 last year and #77 this year. For $50k tuition and $18k room/board yearly they estimate a debt of about $259k at graduation. Fair warning!

Anonymous said...

Brain laundering.

Anonymous said...

Alexander “Sandy” Pope IV is an associate professor at SU. He teaches this kind of nonsense. Liberal POS through and through. Right here in your back yard the leftist machine is hard at work.