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Friday, October 27, 2017

Highest performance 2018 Ford Mustang GT developed in secret

A lot of car enthusiasts love tinkering with their rides. Sometimes before they even go on sale.

A group of engineers from the 2018 Ford Mustang team did a little after-hours work to develop some new go-fast equipment for the pony car that turned out so good, they convinced management to put it on sale.

The Performance Pack Level 2 will be an add-on to the previously announced Performance Pack (now Level 1), which already includes goodies like larger brakes, a TORSEN limited slip differential and a stiffer chassis than the stock Mustang GT.

Level 2 firms up the chassis even more, lowers the ride height by an inch, swaps in a set of computer-controlled MagneRide dampers, allows quicker steering and features Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires that are 1.5-inches wider than the standard rubber. There are also a deep front splitter and new rear spoiler that improve downforce at speed.



Anonymous said...

Still cant compete with the ZL1 Camaro

Anonymous said...

And with nationwide speed limits of 55-65 mph, what good is it? Maybe on some interstates with 80 mph. Could be a good police car, but would require a LOT of training...

Anonymous said...

Comeing in at ..??...50,000 Or More ...I'd rather have The Ti..On the bore Hog !!!!!!! Lol

Anonymous said...

How do you no?

Anonymous said...

932 mustang gt super snake
Mustang Shelby Gt. 500
Mustang gt stage 3
Mustang gt stage 1
Mustang gt 350r
All faster.

JoeAlbero said...

While some of you complain about this vehicle and or the cost, compare it to a Mercedes or BMW.

In 1995 I decided I wanted a convertible. I looked at all the major brands and a friend recommended I look at the Mustang. When I saw the options and then drove one I was blown away. I ultimately custom ordered a Cobra convertible for half of what the Mercedes cost.

I still own this car today with 23,000 miles on it. I added a Vortec blower and some other performance products and when I do take it out it's an absolute blast.

My next toy, a new V-10 Hemi Challenger, just because. To each his own.