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Friday, October 27, 2017

The NFL’s WORST NIGHTMARE Just Became a Reality as Players Continue to Kneel

How can you screw up football?

Well, the NFL has found a way.

According to new data from Nielsen, NFL games have averaged 15.1 million viewers through the first seven weeks, which is down 5.1% from last year and 18.7% from the same time frame in 2015.

So, for the first seven weeks in 2015 they were getting 18.35 million viewers on average, and now it’s just over 15 million. There are a few possible reasons for the decline, but the major issue is Colin Kaerpernick’s decision in 2016 to start kneeling before games. This not only has contributed to fewer viewers, but also to his inability to get a new job on any football team. In general, politicization of football games is bad for ratings.



Anonymous said...

And next, the owners will bail on a bad investment. There will be teams for sale, as the owners (all white) don't want to have anything to do with racist football players hijacking the fields and the game for their political purposes.

I was a once in a while fan (not avid) of football, but I'm done. It's a political show now, and I want no part of watching it. I'm only one, but apparently many more share my view of what has happened to the game by the players' pre-game actions.

Very few people NEED the NFL, except the people that make tons of money off of the game. Its easy to quit something that you don't need.

Anonymous said...

Colin Kaepernick is a moron. First he CHOSE to opt out of a contract that was to pay him $18,000,000.00 dollars to play quarterback at a below average level. Then he decided to disrespect the flag of the United States of America not knowing that other morons would follow suit. Let's review - He basically quit his job and then stuck his middle finger at his country. Brilliant move Colin. Now he has the gall to expect a job be handed to him that pays tens of millions of dollars. If he had put his time and energy studying and practicing his craft and acted in the best interest of his employer he would probably still have a job.