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Friday, October 27, 2017

Former NPR CEO: Liberal Media Bias Is Overwhelming

Ken Stern, the former CEO of National Public Radio who changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Independent after he spent a year talking to Republicans around the country for his new book, "Republican Like Me," said Tuesday the liberal media bias is overwhelming and "that it all runs counter to President [Donald] Trump."

"I'm not sort of a big fake news guy," he told Bill Tucker on Newsmax TV during a wide-ranging interview. "I have a lot of respect for the people in NPR; I have a lot respect for the people at the Times and Post, but I think they're in a confirmation-by-us bubble where they share stories and ideas and that it all runs counter to President Trump."

"When you don't know the other side, we don't interact with them, we don't talk with them, we don't live with them, it becomes real easy to demonize them."

Stern, the president of Palisades Media Ventures, said he decided to escape the "liberal bubble" after speaking with "the smartest people" on the right.



Anonymous said...

Confirming what honest, hard working Americans already knew. The mainstream media is rife with liberal bias.

Anonymous said...

Re-read the article.

While he did day there was liberal confirmation-by-us, as it was written...

He was commenting on how divided we are and tend to live in our own echo chambers. Not some conspiracy, but because of our division the media comes out the way we are divided.

Most talk radio or Fox News right wing leaning.

MSNBC or NPR your find liberal leaning.

No where did he say there was a liberal thing.. let alone one that was overwhelming... and he was talking about both sides of the isle.

The headline of THIS article represents a shining example of EXACTLY what he was saying. The headline is "Former NPR CEO: Liberal Media Bias Is Overwhelming", but no where does he say anything remotely close to that.

He speaks about our polarization and division and how we tend to be in echo chambers. That this is a universal thing.

Anonymous said...

749, i agree with both you and him. Might us independent critical thinkers start a centrist party to fix this??