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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

With or Without North Korea, There Is No Moral Justification for Trade with China

President Donald Trump has alarmed the Chinese government again with a threat to cut economic ties to nations that do business with North Korea.

China is North Korea’s largest trading partner and a major player in the U.S. market. Trump will face heavy criticism suggesting that no trade warnings will get China to abandon its fellow communist state and North Korea may never react rationally to international pressure. These concerns, like North Korea itself, are not relevant to the real reason America cannot morally justify trade with China: its decades of history committing flagrant human rights abuses, the kind that have gotten countries like Cuba blacklisted from the American market for decades.

Following North Korea’s announcement of yet another nuclear bomb test on Sunday – its sixth such test and, Pyongyang claims, its first successful hydrogen bomb attack – President Trump took to Twitter, scolding South Korea’s leftist government for believing dialogue with the regime was an option and threatening military action against North Korea.



Anonymous said...

Really? Are you sure you've thought this thru? China owns $1.3 trillion of our national debt. Nearly 10%. Have you considered the implications of China flooding the market with them? Of course not, because you are leaning entirely on the "moral considerations." Have you ever fought in a war? Morality is the first casualty. Try harder to consider other implications. Shortages in goods, higher underemployment, hyper-inflation, and war to name a few.

Anonymous said...


You can't see the forest for the trees

Anonymous said...

US boycott of China's goods? You are about 15 years to late. China's stature as the worlds no. 1 manufacturer - any US boycott of Chinas goods is now irrelavent. It won't work because China now drives the national economies.

lmclain said...

China is still a regional power.
They are vulnerable for short while longer.
But they are rushing at breakneck speed to be able to project their power globally.
We better deal with them strongly now.
They have NO CHANCE in a war with us and they know it.
Don't let fear of China stop us from handling North Korea in any way we choose.
China talks like they will intervene, but they won't risk their nation for a punk little dick-tater. And that's exactly what they will be putting on the table.
Thank God there's a real American man in the White House, not some version of Chamberlain.
Sadly, most of you don't know what I'm talking about.
Just keep cheering.