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Thursday, September 21, 2017

'People Will Die!'

As time runs out for the Republicans to keep their longtime campaign pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare, Democratic Senators rallied a small group of constituents outside of the capitol on Tuesday to oppose the Graham-Cassidy legislation that could be voted on by the Senate and the House by the end of the month.

The health care rally, sponsored by the George Soros-backed and supported by Planned Parenthood and other left-wing groups, featured Senate leaders who said, if the bill becomes law, it will result in American deaths.

“People will die,” Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) said at the rally.

“Thousands of people a year will die if that legislation becomes law,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said.

More anguish here..


Steve said...

That same "thousands" will die either way, lol! It happens every year! That's how funeral homes stay in business!

Anonymous said...

Many many many of us have already lost our affordable healthcare. Oh but they don't give a crap about that. That's an inconvenient fact.

If it were legal I would hurt each and everyone of them that put me in this position starting with that POS Pelosi.

I am sick of their BS. Screw them all.

Anonymous said...

People will die. I, as a Republican, think that their plans are absolutely idiotic. After seeing Trump praise multiple countries with gov't run healthcare I'm still unsure he know's remotely what the hell he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Let's Obamacare die. Who cares? Then Trump and the Republicans can say, "Told you so."

Anonymous said...

People are dying from being dropped by the insurance companies it's called OBAMASCARE.

Anonymous said...

12:47 I'm with you! I too lost my health insurance thanks to Obamacare but no one seems to give a crap that I work 40hrs a week and can't afford it but those not working are getting it free. It's BS! And Obamacare will implode on its own. They are just too stupid to see it.

Anonymous said...

If Anybody DIES >> The Demon-crats OWN It !!!!!

They cannot put Blame on ANyone else !!! Obama Plan

Plus....they don't come up with Anything new now either,
they Only try to block any progress Republicans try to do !!

If they are So Frigg'in smart , then WHAT IS THEIR PLAN ????
Shure as Hell NOT the unacceptable Obama One ........

Anonymous said...

People are dying now and bankrupting everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Better with NO plan, than a BAD Plan !!! Healthcare Plan
Obama Careless Care needs to be THROWN O U T now !!!

Anonymous said...

What about the people that LOST their health insurance because of ObamaCare and died? Huh, Cardin, what about that? You didn't care about them. I hate all Democrat politicians, and most Republican ones.

Anonymous said...

This new bill to replace obombmacare is a disaster. There won't be a replacement worth looking at, until you get a bipartisan bill.
What the Republlicans are trying to do will destroy healthcare for seniors 60 and over till medicare, and also those with pre-existing conditions. I'm furious with them for pulling this stunt. And will vote
against them in 2018. I did not vote republican to have my healthcare taken away. And that is what they are doing.
obombmacare is absolutely no better.
With that said.......Just like obomacare, the republican bill will cost people their lives because they can't get medical care.
It's a fact. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Ben and Bernie,

We're all going to die; open question is when and why.

Both of you sheep voted for Obamacare knowing full well is was a complete and heartless con job start to finish.

As others have noted premiums have skyrocketed, coverages have been reduced, co-pays and deductibles boosted a lot. The people you pretend to care about have borne the burdens of these disastrous changes. Worse, most had better coverage and less expense before you failed social engineers went to work.

It's not like Satan is going to get you a spot near the A/C for your efforts.

Jim said...

"...Just like obomacare, the republican bill will cost people their lives because they can't get medical care.
It's a fact. Plain and simple.."

That's BS. Plain and simple.

Health CARE and health INSURANCE are not the same thing. You may not be able to afford the ridiculous health insurance premiums, but that doesn't mean you can't walk into a doctor's office and pay for your appointment (and get a discount for paying at the time of service too!)

I can't afford the insurance, but I can come up with $90 or so to see the doctor.

Try it. You'll like it.

Zorro said...

We need someone we can vote for to replace this idiot

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders is a criminal who has been arrested numerous times.