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Saturday, August 05, 2017

The number of U.S. children raped by illegal aliens is mind blowing

The statistics listed at the bottom of this article will blow your mind. They reflect the amount of rape and sexual assault charges racked up by illegal aliens in the state of North Carolina over the past 12 months. What makes the statistics all the worse, is that the rapes and sexual assaults were acted out on young children.

Next year will mark 10 years since I was first introduced to the problem of illegal immigration. Let me say without hesitation, I believe it is one of the greatest issues facing America.

I voted for Trump for many reasons, but the biggest of them all was to end the senseless and needless political correctness that muddies our country and allows illegal aliens to remain in the U.S.

We’ve all read the reports about how much it costs taxpayers to educate illegal aliens. We’ve all seen the media reports that come in from time to time about a murder, or a rape committed by an illegal alien who had been deported 10 times prior to the crime. But what we rarely read or see are the small stories that make the problem as bad as it is. These are the stories taking place every day in every town throughout the nation.


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