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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Feminist Writer Says White Men Shouldn’t Have Right To Vote

Malia Rolt is a “hardcore feminist” who supports the Black Lives Matter movement. That, on its face, isn’t controversial. Her views are the part that has a lot of people up in arms.

She has recently penned a pieced for Affinity magazine questioning whether white men actually deserve to vote. Oddly, she doesn’t consider it wrong to remove the ability to vote from a group of people based on their race or sex. Hypocrisy? Anyone?

Rolt describes herself in her biography as “A 16 year old Asian teenager who is passionate about social justice and politics. A hardcore feminist, #BLM supporter and LGBTQ+ rights advocate. I also love chocolate, Ariana Grande and cats.”

I feel like I need to note that “Malia Rolt” is also an anagram for “I am a troll” so just throwing that out there. Perhaps coincidence, or perhaps Affinity Magazine is being trolled. My suspicions are also aroused by her profile picture on Twitter, which is actually an image of Normani Kordei from Fifth Harmony. She claims it’s because she’s a fan of the woman, but if you want to be a public figure, you really shouldn’t use pictures of other people. It’s suspicious and shady.



Anonymous said...

Great no vote and just pay everyone's taxes for them.

Anonymous said...

My response to that, is that I don't think women (like her) should be allowed to vote.

Anonymous said...

Correction: White men shouldn't WANT to vote in this pathetic Country.

Anonymous said...

She wants their tax dollars though hahaha

Anonymous said...

If they kept white men from voting, Baltimore and Washington would be run by an all black government. Uh, there are still a few white leaders in these governments, aren't they?