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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Kidney Donor: ‘It Was Nice To Do Something For Someone Else’

BERLIN – When Ilene Silverman reached out to members of her congregation at Temple Bat Yam for a kidney, Rachel White responded.

“She was a stranger to me and that’s how we met,” Silverman said. “Nobody could believe it.”

Since learning of her kidney disease two years ago, Silverman said she has been placed on multiple waiting lists at different hospitals.

Silverman, a Washington, D.C., native and part-time resident to the area, said she enlisted the help of friend Carole Eagle to place a letter in her temple’s bulletin.

White, a Salisbury resident, said she had received a letter from her temple in January with Silverman’s request.



Anonymous said...

Joe thank you something so positive and encouraging. This must be an absolute honor for this young lady to be so selfless and help save someone's life.

Anonymous said...

She's a Very Special Individual
for doing this!!
God Bless them Both!

Anonymous said...

It is a feeling like no other. I gave a kidney to my sister 8 years ago. I just wish more people would consider donating.