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Saturday, August 05, 2017

FedEx Ditching Most Holiday Shipping Surcharges This Year

It’s only August, but already the holiday shipping wars are heating up: After UPS announced recently that it would be tacking on new surcharges during the busiest time of the year, FedEx says it won’t be adding extra fees on most packages shipped near the holidays.

On Thursday, FedEx noted that it won’t add on special charges for most packages shipped between Nov. 20 and Dec. 24.

That means that Standard FedEx Express and FedEx Ground residential shipments won’t be subject to any extra surcharges. Instead, FedEx will only tack on surcharges for packages that require additional handling or are oversized.

In contrast, UPS will be charging “Peak” rates during certain periods: Between Nov. 19 and Dec. 2., it’ll cost $0.27 per package for all ground shipments sent to residential addresses.

The surcharges then go away during the early December lull, but return with a vengeance for last-minute shoppers: Between Dec. 17-23, there’s a $.27 surcharge for ground shipments, $.81 for Next-Day Air, and a $.97 fee for two- or three-day delivery.



Anonymous said...

You absolutely can't compete with fed ex ground residential delivery, monthly shipment of dog supplies from florida at my door in 36 hours or less. There costs blow UPS out of the water and USPS can't even be talked about on the same breath. Postal carries are too lazy to even secure your mail upon delivery, lids left open some neighbors mail found out on roadways.

Anonymous said...

Fed Ex deliveries are much better. Things arrive in one piece. If damaged, they ask if we want to accept it.
UPS throws items around and destroy them. You find what's left of an item laying on your front porch. And we've had to chase down UPS drivers to tell them to take it back. As they drop packages all busted up, and then run and take off in their trucks. You can hear from inside the house packages in their trucks falling and banging against the floor and walls as they speed down the street.