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Monday, August 14, 2017

Parents warned to keep close eye on kids in Worcester

While details remain sparse, the Worcester County Sheriff’s office did confirm an investigation into claims that unknown subjects may be attempting to entice younger children into vehicles in the county.

Lt. Ed Schreier, public information officer, confirmed Wednesday that there have been three sightings of up to three different individuals, all of whom may have attempted to lure children into their vehicles during the last week.

The report from Berlin, the closest place to the resort, was also the least descriptive in that Schreier described the vehicle as “a truck.” In Whaleyville, to the west of Ocean City and relatively close to the junction of Route 50 and Route 90, the report identified a “greenish Explorer” SUV. In remote Girdletree, about halfway between Snow Hill and Pocomoke City along Route 113 in southern Worcester, a “brown truck with a cap” was reported.

Schreier said there was no evidence to suggest it was the same individual behind the wheel of the trucks in all three cases.



Anonymous said...

Wow. Just and outside thought - any known/registered sex offenders with vehicles that have the characteristics of a Green Explorer SUV (3rd story on SBYNEWS I've seen this mentioned) or a brown truck with a cap.

I'm sure the local LEOs are doing the best they can. See something/say something!!!

Anonymous said...

Stranger Danger!!!