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Monday, August 14, 2017

Expert: North Korea Satellites Orbiting U.S. Could Be Used for ‘Surprise’ EMP Attack

While the news media and U.S. intelligence community continues to focus on North Korea’s missile capabilities, one expert warned on Sunday that we are ignoring two North Korean satellites currently orbiting the U.S. that could be used to carry out a devastating electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

Such a “surprise” attack could paralyze the U.S. electrical grid and critical civilian infrastructure, resulting in the death of large numbers of Americans.

So warned Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Congressional Task Force on National and Homeland Security and chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission.

“We should not be tolerating the North Korean satellites that are orbiting over our country. There are two of them. And the intelligence community is still silent about those,” said Pry.

The expert was referring to the KMS 3-2 and KMS-4 earth observation satellites launched by North Korea in April 2012 and February 2016 respectively. The KSM-4 was launched one month after North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test, prompting a debate about sanctions at the United Nations Security Council.

“The EMP Commission has officially been warning about those satellites especially now that the (intelligence) community admits that North Korea can miniaturize warheads,” Pry stated. “Our argument all along has been that they could make weapons small enough to put on those satellites that pass over the United States on the optimum trajectory for an EMP attack on North America.”



Anonymous said...

Read the book "One Minute After".

Anonymous said...

Talk about a snowflake meltdown. Give it 15 minutes after the cellphones stop working. They will panic and go in to shock.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I'd miss would be SBYNEWS.

Anonymous said...

I have three vehicles that would still work as well as tube ham radio for communication. Oh, and several thousand rounds.

Anonymous said...

The Politically Correct idiots here will just DO Nothing

until our country and others are attacked and thousands are
dead ........then they wake up ..............

Anonymous said...


All would commit mass suicide !!!!!!!!!!

Women and kids would go first !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hillary's SERVERS would be down > OH MY !!!!