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Monday, August 14, 2017

McAuliffe: ‘No Place in America’ for Alt-Right, Refuses to Condemn AntiFa

Charlottesville, VA — The usually busy streets of the historic downtown of Charlottesville saw its tourists and locals substituted with heavily armed police and protesters this afternoon, following altercations which lasted from Friday night through to Saturday morning.

Originally billed as a protest in favour of free speech — alongside the disdain over the removal of Confederate statues in the city — the “alt-right” rally found itself transformed into a torch-wielding, Nazi-flag waving dereliction of American values — at least considering the publicity afforded to the event, and the behaviour of some of the rally’s attendees.

In brief, what transpired amounted to a disgusting and unwelcome throwback to segregationist ideas and rhetoric at a time when patriotic conservatism is gaining ground. While many media minutes and deliberations will be afforded to the fascistic right, almost none will be dedicated to the fascistic left.

It can be said with demonstrable authority that while Republicans and conservatives are very swift to decry extremists claiming to act in the name of their causes, the left do no such thing. In fact, they continue to fund and support antiFa and radical elements in their ranks, scarcely asked questions by the establishment media, and without any contritition for the divisions caused as a result..

I just asked @GovernorVA if he wanted to condemn antifa as well as neo Nazi groups. He heard. Refused to answer.

— Raheem (@RaheemKassam) August 12, 2017

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Anonymous said...

McAuliffe is dirt bag

Anonymous said...

He ordered the police to stand down.

Anonymous said...

McAuliffe Caused this confrontation on purpose. He announced last Thursday for people to stay away from Charlottsville because of alt-right protest. Hence announcing to the black lives matter , etc. to get there butts in there and start the confrontation.
This cannot be discussed with bringing in the alt-lefts riots in Berkley, Ferguson, Baltimore, atlanta, and elsewhere, that the blacks caused enormus damage and police officers deaths by violence.

Anonymous said...

Police was ordered to stand down because McAuliffe did not want his liberals arrested for instigating and beginning the disturbance. Again there is "No Place in America for the New Black Panthers and "Black Lives Matter" but he will not speak out against them. They were there also.

Anonymous said...

McAuliffe is more of a danger to civility than those white protesters.

Hopefully, if there is a God, he will find out soon enough what his vitriol has brought his way.

Anonymous said...

Why were the fascists allowed to enter the park? If only the KKK and the White Nationalists were there,then there would have been no violence. This was orchestrated by the Mayor and the Governor. Police were dupes used by them.