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Monday, August 07, 2017


In a Proposed Agenda Item letter to Council Members dated July 18, 2017, County Executive Bob Culver reaffirmed his support for term limits for the County Executive and Council Members' tenures of service to Wicomico County.

The discussion began in the last Charter Review Committee Meeting, when members began grappling with the measure - unable to reach a definite conclusion or put forth any recommendation.

Culver has always lobbied strong support for term limits and seeks Members to give residents a chance to give their opinions before making a final decision on the matter. Additionally, from feedback received over the years, Culver is confident there is solid public support for the measure among Wicomico citizens.

Culver states in the correspondence, "...I feel that there should be a very open public dialogue on this topic and I am, therefore, urging open work sessions during upcoming Council meetings as well as public forums that would provide our citizens ample opportunity to weigh in and express their thoughts and opinions."

As of this date, no word has been received from Council Members in response to Culver's inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Some just come back for the paycheck and don't do a damned thing for anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

John Cannon is not going to like term limits!

Anonymous said...

If it will axe cannon immediately...Im all for it!!!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant and Culver should be commended. There should be term limits on all elected positions from DC down. Smart and minimizes Swamp growth on all levels. This is necessary because voters can be lazy and repeatedly vote in people who done deserve to hold elected office. Ex. Barbara M was senator for how many years? 40? My point exactly.

Anonymous said...

Is vote for it as,I voted to keep the power away from council last elecfion. Many people who voted had no clue of the effect it,would have and,blindly agreed.

Anonymous said...

Forcing a change in elected representation means that the voters will need to research more frequently to determine the lesser of two evils!

Cannon and Prettyman are recent examples where nobody would challenge and we got RINO's with their own agenda!

Anonymous said...

There are already term limits, every 4 years at the polls. Just go and vote.

Anonymous said...

I think your thinking just go and vote! Bye Bye Canon Dodd and on the other front see ya Jim cant wait to see the show he puts on at the Brick room for his announcement This dude can not seem to make up his mind