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Monday, August 07, 2017

Baltimore Might Have Too Many Judges

Does Baltimore City have more judges than it needs?

The I-Team has learned that an internal audit is underway to answer that question. It follows a dramatic drop in caseloads over the past decade.

Baltimore's district courts can be pretty quiet places, some days with no need for all courtrooms on some days to even be open. The caseload has dropped that much.

There are 28 judges assigned to Baltimore's district courts. The internal audit by the state's top court officials is to answer how many are really needed to handle the current caseload.

Here's what's happened: In 2005, the city's district's courts handled an average of 6,528 criminal cases each month. Now, they handle an average of 2,252 criminal cases per month -- a drop of 66 percent.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like Baltimore is turning to anarchy

Anonymous said...

Want to reduce the need for more taxes cops and judges? Allow good citizens to be armed and legalize pot. Ta da...Problem solved

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Deceased gunshot victims don't make court appearances.

If the police aren't clearing the cases there are few suspects for court appearances.

Plus the population has been dropping from natural causes as people move out.

Anonymous said...

And not enough jail's, labor camps, van rides and people will to work.

Anonymous said...

Mayor and DOJ will not let the Police do their job so you get fewer cases to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

It has too many Racist State's attorneys like that one
that should be FIRED for going after police officers on the
case she LOST !!!!!!!! who still is working !!!!!!