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Monday, August 07, 2017

Widespread Fraud? Alleged RMV Scheme Fuels Speculation

BOSTON — The four Registry of Motor Vehicles clerks charged in connection with an alleged identity theft scheme authorities say supplied illegal aliens with Massachusetts IDs and fraudulent voter registrations have been suspended without pay, but questions still linger regarding the extent of their shenanigans — and whether similar activity is happening at other RMV locations.

Wednesday’s bust, which focused on the RMV’s Haymarket office in Boston, also set off alarm bells for one the nation’s leading immigration reform organizations, and only came to light after an anonymous tipster reached out to the State Police — instead of Massachusetts Department of Transportation officials — in October 2015.

Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the nonprofit Federation for American Immigration Reform, said Thursday that the news immediately made him think of the decision by states like Massachusetts to decline an invitation from the White House to share voter data in an effort to settle rumors regarding the prevalence of voter fraud.



Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens can get a Md drivers license,in some places in Md like Takoma Park they can even vote.

Anonymous said...

and they make Americans take off their hats for the photo but do this crap?