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Monday, August 07, 2017

Community support needed in #SaveLunch campaign

Community support needed in #SaveLunch campaign
MAC Inc., the Area Agency on Aging, invites the community to write messages on paper plates about the importance of meal programs for senior citizens.

Its all part of the nationwide Paper Plate Campaign to #SaveLunch, a joint effort by the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs and Meals on Wheels America to send a message urging members of Congress to fund congregate and home-delivered meals programs at the levels necessary to keep them going

MAC services on the Lower Shore include meals delivered to the homes of frail elderly, providing nutritious meals to support health and the ability to remain in their homes. MAC also provides meals at congregate (senior center) sites.

At MAC, these meal programs are now in the second year of level funding. However, food prices and other costs for these critical programs have not remained stagnant. In addition, the aging population on the Lower Shore is growing at a faster rate than in the rest of the state. Both mean additional challenges for providing meals to seniors who need them.
As Congress is considering all budget matters, now is the time for our voices to be heard. Here’s how the community can help:

Stop by MAC Monday through Wednesday, Aug. 7-9, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and write your message on a paper plate.
Including your name and hometown on the plate is optional.
To identify the messages as part of the Paper Plate Campaign, please include #SaveLunch somewhere on the plate.
MAC will deliver the plates to the local offices of Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, Sen. Chris Van Hollen, and Rep. Andrew P. Harris, MD, for delivery to Washington.
For more information, call Cindy Robinson at 410-742-0505, Ext. 118.


Anonymous said...

I have another opinion on this matter. First and foremost I believe that families should take care of their own elderly people. That worked perfectly for many generations . It also helps the family unit to prioritize things.
MAC is probably a good thing for the elderly when it comes to exercise , trips and paper work such as taxes and insurance. Having worked for a similar organization I became aware of unnecessary things such as this. However their will be occasions that meals are needed for certain people , it has become a business relationship to pay for these meals. A priority of income should be the deciding factor , at Mac this doesn't happen. If you can pay for a meal you get it rich or poor. Again I can only express my opinion for family to handle these things , of course if there isn't any family then recourse should be taken.

Anonymous said...

All meal programs are a farce to some extent. Even during the great depression there was ample food, just not ample money. And this too continues to be the case. There is no food shortage and no one should ever go hungry. Ever.

If life was not so greed focused, none of this would be happening.

And these stupid gimmicks, lets create more waste by using paper plates? Really people. Let spend our precious money we need for a program on a gimmick? Yea, thats not wasteful.

Anonymous said...

MAC has spent millions of dollars on the buildings they use for their programs , it would seem to me that they could accomplish the same with less overhead . They waste so much without any supervision , the meals made everyday are always left with much waste a leftovers that are given to the meals on wheels supervisor to take home and eat. What a waste! Another liberal program of extreme waste . We go from one end of the spectrum to the other , It's for the children or for the elderly.

Anonymous said...

In this day and age when you can create an online petition for pennies, these fools want you to drive to their offices and fill out a paper plate? Don't you think you would get a better response if you made the campaign more accessible?

Not sure who the brainchild was that thought this up. But obviously then need a new Marketing Manager and IT Person.

Anonymous said... are correct reference, "it's for the children or elderly".
My parent's provided for their children and two of my grand parent's.
Now I'm elderly and have provided for myself. Not living large, but have heat, a/c, along with food.

8:18..although the brainchild is most likely someone else, it sounds like something the Salisbury (spelled out) leader would enjoy.

Anonymous said...

6:57, it was fine for the families to take care of their elderly when women (for the most part) didn't work outside the home. Now women usually work just to keep the immediate family afloat. As an only child who is not married, there is no way I could stop working to provide my parents physical necessities.

Anonymous said...

11:53 I call BS been taking care of 90 yo parents forever it seems like. This is what family do. all while working! To damn many people shirking personal responsibility and asking for hand outs! wonder where you fall? no time for the people who raised you? nurtured you? fed you? clothed you? then again maybe since they know you they are glad you are not helping them!

Anonymous said...

8:15 AM I get what you are saying, but don't care whether the waste goes to another person to consume vs being thrown in the trash.