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Monday, July 31, 2017

Voices From Their Readers

Bishopville Residents Need Consideration
(The following letter was addressed to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan with a copy forwarded to this newspaper for publication.)

I have just finished reading in the July 21 issue of The Dispatch your and Public Works Director Hal Adkins’s comments on improving the flow of traffic off the island. I was both alarmed and amused by comments made by Mr. Adkins concerning the traffic light at Route 90 and St. Martin’s Neck Rd. Alarmed that he obviously hadn’t researched his ridiculous contention that “if one person comes out of Bishopville and signals (?) the light, it ties up everybody leaving,” and amused that on any one weekend day from July to September between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. traffic is backed up on St. Martin’s Neck Road from said traffic light one to two miles trying to get in to OC.

Naxolone Vote Shortsighted
There are at least two sides to a topic or issue, including whether or not to provide inmates being released from prison with Naxolone. I understand policy makers being wary of doing something that, on the surface, appears to be a “pass” for addicts to return to their addictions. But after reviewing and witnessing stories and results of various perceptions, tactics, and programs surrounding addiction recovery, I believe providing inmates with Naxolone upon release is worth a five-year trial.

Wind Farm Support
As a supporter of offshore wind due to all the potential jobs and economic benefit it will bring to not only Eastern Maryland but Baltimore as well, I’m frustrated by Ocean City’s intractability on the siting of these wind farms.



Anonymous said...

Wind Farms - Paige Davey
Dear Paige, these are not long term sustaining jobs and most likely locals won't be hired since they have never built a windmill in the middle of the ocean before. You don't know what you are talking about, but thanks for asking, sort of.

Anonymous said...

Wind farms are actually an economic disaster for those that will be paying for them through higher utility rates.

The insider make lots of money to install them but the windmills themselves don't ever pay back the investment. The investment money come from you and me.

Anonymous said...

Wind power is only feasible when subsidized by government (taxpayers). Neither solar nor wind can pay their own way.

Anonymous said...

Coal and oil is where it's at at least for now.

Anonymous said...

Well, they could, but the electric monopoly won't allow it to happen

Anonymous said...

And all that vibration and noise through the ocean will negatively impact our valuable fishery.

As for Naloxone, I'm against that as well. If AA, NA, and all the other programs teach you how to live drug free, then handing you Naloxone tells you to go ahead with your addiction.

Just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

To clear up the first letter, if you are turning left at St Martin's neck you have to wait for the light to change and hope rt90 eastbound is moving so you can get in. St Martins ends in one lane so when someone is turning left (to 90E) they may only be able to move out one car if traffic is gridlocked or worse 90E traffic blocks the intersection. With no right turn lane EVERYONE has to wait, even if they are trying to turn onto an empty 90W. Widening of St Martin's is impossible for this spot because currently that corner has a small field just big enough to land the lifelight helicopter for any accidents on rt90.

Anonymous said...

Wind power is an overrated wet dream as is solar. They aren't better than fossil fuel alternatives. Consider the recent effort by Lewes to install 4 charging stations for electric cars which will be powered by coal fired electric power plants. Green simply means that somebody else paid for it.