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Monday, July 31, 2017

THIS IS CNN: MS-13 gang members attack Trump immigration policy

The Clinton News Network is apparently opposed to President Trump’s war on MS-13, the vicious Latin American gang that infiltrated the United States during Barack Obama’s time in office.

CNN featured two allegedly members of the gang, and they used their time on screen to attack Trump, and claim his efforts are actually helping MS-13.



Steve said...

Lots of wordplay here! How do we "criminalize" an immigrant ? We can't. If a person has immigrated here and is registered and trying to become a citizen they get a green card and take citizenship classes and work toward assimilating and taking the test to finally become a citizen. We can't "criminalize" anyone who's doing that.

Oh, but they can't go to the police because of their immigration status, so they have obviously "criminalized" themselves somehow, meaning they ARE here illegally, which is a primary crime, and they need to be deported on the same plane that MS-13 is being deported on!

Those endearingly sad puppy eyes of the reporter do nothing for me! SHIP. THEM. OUT!

Anonymous said...

Democrats have traded BLM for MS13

Anonymous said...

The number one priority of government is to protect us, us stands for U.S. So, the pansy government and police should get rid of all illegals. Should never been here in the first place. If you are a victim or witness and not a citizen you are no different than the gang. You are not a lawful, law abiding citizen.

Anonymous said...

These gangs work with the US Military Industrial Complex and Intelligence Agencies to sell drugs to American citizens.
They are an integral part of the plan to profiteer from the takeover of Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

6:38 you must be refering to obummer and holder running guns to them?