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Monday, July 31, 2017

Trump Is Different, and Different Scares People

"You think that if you don't fight back then maybe they'll like you, stop picking on you, calling you a freak. Well, here's what it is. They don't like you. They don't dislike you. They're afraid of you. You're different. Sooner or later different scares people. Victim or not; make a decision." The Accountant, 2016

The above words are from the film, The Accountant, spoken by the father of the main character, a brilliant man who as a child was diagnosed with Asperger's, a high-functioning form of autism. The father is a career military man, a Colonel who, rather than treat the boy as disabled, trains him to confront his social demons and to deal with the world as it is. The boy is bullied at school, of course, and the quote launches a flashback to when the boy is about twelve. The father takes him and his younger brother to a meet where a group of other boys are planning to beat him, and gives the little speech at top before his son gets out of the car to confront the bullies. But the boy is prepared. His father has trained him well; the training has been brutal and effective.

The father’s admonition perfectly describes President Trump's place in the DC establishment since winning the election. They don't like him. They are afraid of him. He's different and different scares them. He does not think like them, operate like them, or play by their rules. So they want to take him out. They are the bullies, our beltway politicos and the media. Trump is not afraid of bullies. The quote is also a prescription for and an explanation of how Trump is dealing with his place in that world. Somewhere along the way he learned, or someone trained him, to never be a victim.



Anonymous said...

People are afraid of him in the "monkey with a loaded gun" sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who voted for Mr. Trump did so because he is different from most other politicians.
We also did so because the other option was a terrible candidate, Ms. Clinton.

What we want now from our POTUS is action.
His distractions with Twitter and bully actions against his Cabinet Members are interfering with his ability to get the job done.
Most of us want to see him accomplish some of the campaign promises.

Anonymous said...

Trump is different because he is one of us and the government insiders don't like him or us.

Does the congress (dumbocrats and republicans, senate and house) ever listen to us the people?

Anonymous said...

The only ones scared are the Washington insiders who are ripping off the American tax payers.

Anonymous said...

4:30, he is accomplishing more than you have ever seen in the past. President Donald J. Trump knows just what he is doing with each tweet. The man is on the job while we sleep....
Trump/Pence 2020!

Anonymous said...

5:12.The SHOCK to most people is they thought they were voting for one thing and got another. Lots of people were shocked and amazed and are just not going to admit it because they were had hoping (praying) he would not be as bad as the Clintons. Didn't work out that way.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree that Mr. Trump is NOT one of us.
He was a very rich person from a young age and was given an incredible "head start" in life by his generous father.
He can be thankful for that benefit that the rest of "us" don't get.

Because of this benefit, Mr. Trump is not one of us.
He is also an actor and was very successful as a reality TV star.
Mr. Trump was a close personal friend and supporter of the Clinton Family.

He is a very unusual POTUS and so far has proven to be an embarrassment to the Country.
His Administration is so far, unable to work with the criminals who occupy Washington DC to accomplish any of the campaign promises. I and others are hoping this will change soon. At a minimum, his Administration must repeal the ACA to be considered successful. It also must stop illegal immigration. These goals are not in the best interest of the richest people in America. I hope he will deliver what he has promised.

lmclain said...

His issue is that he is still a citizen with no background in the backstabbing, treacherous, apparently traitorous, scheming, and double dealing world of politics. He is, however, a quick study.
He'll be okay.
His selection of four 4 Star generals will bring a LOT of order and things will settle down.
It's an new world for him. It'll be all right.

Anonymous said...

6:45 respectfully...He can't do any of the things you are hoping for.

Anonymous said...

753, have you ever read into his university or "charitable" organizations. He's no stranger

Steve said...

I am living Different!

Zorro said...


lmclain said... can't be comparing any business to politics....right?

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Trump gets it. Yes, he was given a sizable legacy to work with and look what he accomplished. Now, on the other hand look at career politicians; blah, blah, blah. They read from prepared speeches. What do they say? We nod off after a few syllables. This is/was the game in D.C., do nothing for four years until the next cycle of elections, get back on the stump and promise everything while knifing your opponents in the back and criticizing the other side, then settle in for the next four years. Trump is shaking it up and drawing our attention to the deceit. MAGA!