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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Md. doctor writes prescription for surviving police encounters: Humility, respect

WASHINGTON — A Maryland emergency room doctor wants to save lives, but his prescription doesn’t involve new medications or safety equipment: He’s targeting young men and hopes more of them will come home safely after encounters with police.

Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, of Bowie, said that humility and respect are they keys to surviving interactions with police and avoiding a trip to the ER.

Mount Varner said his son, and the realization that his 11-year-old boy was old enough to be killed by the police, motivated him to write a book detailing steps the public — especially young, black men — can take to safely negotiate traffic stops and other routine encounters with police.

His self-published book, “Home Alive: 11 Must Rules for Surviving Encounters with the Police,” is not intended to be a cure-all or policy prescription to reduce the number of people killed at the hands of police each year, he said. He calls it a way to bridge the gap.



Anonymous said...

I agree that you should always be courteous and respectful to police officers. Follow their orders as best you can. It is still sad that one mistake may cost you your life. I understand both sides of the argument, the cops want to go home too.

Anonymous said...

I think the good Dr. is on to something. Peer pressure is nothing new to society but in today's world and economic climate where there is an abundance of idleness inner city kids must make their "bones" in order to fit in. Being an outcast is not cool and since the nuclear family rarely exists gangs become the extended family. These kids are not taught respect for authority outside the gang hierarchy and the "in your face" mentality is rampant and a code of honor. In the end unfortunately they don't have much to lose.

Anonymous said...

Respect for authority should be taught by all races and all races and ages should practice that. What minorities need to understand is that if you live your life responsibly and have nothing to hide, make a success with yourself, then you have nothing to fear.
Anything less than that could lead to trouble.
It all boils down to respect authority - wherever you encounter it. Rules are in place and enforced for a reason.

Anonymous said...

10:48 AM, everyone wants to go home at the end of the day, you are not saying anything new, the difference here is, how cops have implied immunity to harass, abuse, beat and out right kill you, wither they have remorse or not, wither they had a good reason to or not... The difference here, is the cops believe or are told, which in turn makes them believe, they can do anything to anyone for any reason, because the courts said so, their bosses said so and their fellow cops said so, all by their actions to never send a cop to jail or have charges brought on them or to cover it up... All cops think, that any order they give you is lawful when it is NOT!!! I see people pulling away from a traffic stop and cops shoot them, why? becasue they are leaving the scene nothing more, cops can't be in danger if they are 20 feet way and the car is headed in the opposite direction... A lot of times cops put themselves in the position they need to use a gun because they escalate things, not de-escalate things...

And don't get started on invoking your right's, god I know how cops hate rights, and when you use them or evoke them!!! Cops shouldn't act like that, there not supposed to in the first place...

What makes a cops life more important than your life or your family's lives or anyone else??? All lives matter and should be treated as such... I am sorry if you are one of those ass cheek sucking cop lovers and will do and say and follow cops to the end, it is sad!!! They get paid to seek out and ruin people's lives or take money from you and they do it for just following orders, or I am just doing my job or for the pay check and then fist bump and laugh after doing it... When I see that, I don't see remorse or concern or someone helping anyone... Yet you all call them hero's... Hero's don't do that or act like that, PERIOD!!!!

Yes there are some good one out here, and some bad ones with any job, but who is people most likely going to remember? The bad cops, and the good cops get hurt or even killed for the bad cops doing whatever they so, earn the hate basically, but you all want to blame a criminal or what you think is a criminal in most cases they aren't but you get the cops narrative first, and you think it can't be even remotely possible the cops lie, or did something illegal, then you see in news articles and news reports how cops are being investigate for illegal crimes, yet you still believe all cops are good, and don't do these thing people say, that the citizen has to be lying non stop...

Anonymous said...

And to add, if we went with your thinking, that all cops are right, and all orders are lawful and have to be followed or what comes next is your fault for not following the rule of law, then what if a cop comes to you and said or demanded you suck his penis or he will beat you and lock you up on resisting change and hindering an investigation or what ever else blanket charges they put on everyone now??? Are you going to suck his penis or are you not? and if not, and you get beat up or locked up, then what, would the cop be justified in beating you, like you say all others deserve for not following the rule of law, I.E the cops orders????

Anonymous said...

Wow 11:26/11:29, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

I was thinking how to turn that frown upside down for ya and came up with a lifestyle rule of thought: If you can't beat them, join them!

Many LEO's are currently hiring and if you make it, I'm POSITIVE your outlook on LEO's will change!

Until then, stay the hell away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And that is why you will have trouble if you are stopped. SMH

Anonymous said...

Wow! I came back on and couldn't believe what I saw in 11:26/11:29 post. Whoever you are let me say this. Your statement epitomizes the reasons there are problems. I have lived 7 decades and can tell you I've been stopped for traffic, called them for assistance a couple times and never, NEVER, was I mistreated.
Good luck in life - you'll need it.

Anonymous said...

11:26/29 you managed to take my comment (I am 10:48), where I actually agreed with most of what you were saying. Perhaps it is this attitude you have where you make blind assumptions that will get you into a precarious situation in the future. It is unfortunate you read a comment and used the opportunity to unleash a rant you've likely had in the shower multiple times. Would any sane person want someone to be unjustifiably shot and killed? No. Would any sane person want a cop to be unjustifiably shot and killed? No. Is there injustice in the world? Hell yes there is. I don't have an answer for it.

Never at any point did I say all cops were right. As for the rest of that rant, I recommend you take a breather.

I think you should also know that I am a black male in my 50's. I know all too well the prejudices you speak of and I am guessing by your thought process and attitude that you are rather young. I apologize if my race and opinion do not fit your narrative. Best of luck with life.

Anonymous said...

Very well written and you are absolutely correct.
At the heart of the matter is: STATUTORY LAW

I wish others would learn the truth about Statutory Law vs. Common Law
Statutes are at the heart of slavery through police state and what gives tyrannical government its authority.

Anonymous said...

wow 11:26. Not all cops are bad just like not all blacks are thieves/looters or white people serial killers. Racists and idiots come in all colors and job professions. One bad apples does not spoil the whole basket. The only thing that belongs in a basket are Trumps basket of deplorables. To which I'm a proud member!