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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Here’s the Animal Most Likely to Kill You Based on the State You Live In

When most people think of deadly animals, they tend to focus on larger species like bears and alligators. While those can certainly be a threat, and should always be treated as such, the animal that is most likely to kill you may be much smaller, and even something you encounter on nearly a daily basis.

The people over at Man vs. Beast gathered some statistics, shining a light on the deadliest animals in each state. The information is based on records from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and clearly shows the level of risk based on where you live.

First, they developed a map that demonstrates your odds of being killed by an animal, period. Those in Montana have the highest risk of being killed by an animal, with a 1-in-674,600 chance, while residents of Massachusetts can rest a bit easier than the remainder of the nation with odds of 1-in-8,184,535.



Anonymous said...

I noticed there was a question mark by Wash.DC, it's obviously a swamp rat.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

What about Chicago? They left that statistic out, Baltimore too. Aren't they full of animals?

Anonymous said...

LOL 807

Anonymous said...

I'll take my chances with the 4 legged kind.