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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Avoiding sexual assault: How parents can discuss a tough topic with kids

WASHINGTON — A disturbing investigation of sexual abuse in a Maryland school system is likely prompting some parents to have a tough conversation with their kids.

And Eileen Dombo, a trauma expert and associate professor at the Catholic University of America, suggested parents start by talking to kids about how adults can earn their trust.

“It’s important not to do anything [adults] ask you to that makes you feel uncomfortable, or [that] someone who you do trust wouldn’t ask you to do,” Dombo said.

After Carlos DeAngelo Bell — a former staffer and track coach for Charles County schools — was indicted Monday and charged with the sexual abuse of seven children, Dombo said many parents are frightened and unsure about how to approach the conversation with their children.



Anonymous said...

All this BS is wasted effort . Teach your children to attend a church and believe in the bible and Jesus Christ . Problem solved , why do we always depend on other people to solve simple problems?

Anonymous said...

You obviously have no clue. Attend a church? That will solve this? I think not. Believe in the Bible? That will solve this? No, not hardly. I attended Sunday School every Sunday ( after WALKING to church ), sang in the choir every Sunday and attended church functions. And no one transported me there or gave me free breakfast and lunch, food stamps, WIC cards, or anything. And then was molested - for years - in the elementary school I attended by the janitor. He made me promise to not tell anyone because his job would be in jeopardy. How sick is that? I repressed what he did for years. Fortunately, for him, after it all 'came back' he was dead, because I would have made sure of his demise had he still been alive. Going to church has NOTHING to do with these sick people.

Anonymous said...

Yup I agree