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Friday, July 14, 2017

BART Withholds Video Of Attacks Over Concern About "Stereotypes"

Over the last few months, several attacks by large groups have targeted riders on San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) trains, resulting in robberies and injuries. The first of these took place in April and involved as many as sixty youth and seven victims, two of whom were beaten. The two most recent came at the end of June, including an armed robbery with a knife and another incident with a dozen perpetrators robbing a woman.

BART riders have begun to fear for their safety, and want video released to see who are committing these robberies. BART won’t release the video, however, and BART board member Deborah Allen tells CBS that it’s because they are afraid that the videos will “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color”:

According to a memo distributed to BART Directors, the agency won’t do a press release on the June 30 theft because it was a “petty crime” that would make BART look “crime ridden.” Furthermore, it would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports.”

The memo was from BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill.

Allen emailed Hamill, “I don’t understand what role the color of one’s skin plays in this issue [of whether to divulge information]. Can you explain?” Hamill responded, “If we were to regularly feed the news media video of crimes on our system that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors, we would certainly face questions as to why we were sensationalizing relatively minor crimes and perpetuating false stereotypes in the process.” And added her opinion of the media: “My view is that the media’s real interest in the videos of youth phone snatching incidents isn’t the desire for transparency but rather the pursuit of ratings. They know that video of these events will drive clicks to their websites and viewers to their programs because people are motivated by fear.”



Anonymous said...

" Won't release the video" is a clear idication of the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Won't release the video is stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is a sanctuary city. They are attempting to hide the fact that sanctuary cities have higher crime rates perpetrated by illegal aliens. Nothing more or less.

Anonymous said...

Many many years ago one of the Wash DC news papers( I don't remember if it was Wash post or the Times Herald) was getting complaints that when they reported crimes they always noted if the suspect was colored so what they did was only mention race when the suspect was white. If race wasn't mentioned then it could assumed the suspect the suspect wasn't white.

Anonymous said...

All they have to do is release ALL the videos including those of the Caucasians
robbing and beating people and they'll be covered legally.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

When this PC nonsense of not mentioning race began back in the 70's, a TV station asked anyone with information on a purse-snatching and beating of a 80 year old woman to call with information.
"Approximately 5'10'', black shirt, jeans, tan hat".
I immediately called the number and said I had a possible suspect in mind - a "Chinese guy".
He told me the suspect wasn't Chinese.
I asked why that wasn't in the report.
He hung up on me.