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Friday, July 14, 2017

Police Looking Ahead To Enforcement During Fall Auto Events

OCEAN CITY – In an effort to suppress illegal activity at vehicle-related special events this fall, Ocean City officials this week began discussions on enforcement and compliance measures for certain laws and ordinances.

Among them is a new state law that prohibits individuals with diesel-powered vehicles from intentionally emitting exhaust onto other people and vehicles, a practice commonly referred to as “rolling coal.”

In a Police Commission meeting Monday, Police Chief Ross Buzzuro said the new law will take effect the week prior to Endless Summer Cruisin’.

“The fine for that will be $500 in the state of Maryland,” he said. “That’s something we will be able to enforce come Oct. 1.”



JoeAlbero said...


Anonymous said...

And this is their solution to all the lawlessness during the event. No rolling coal, lol. I have been a participant in every event since the beginning. Believe me, there are more issues than the nasty diesel smoke. I know you can't bar or control non-participants for the road, but they should keep their Mustangs and other factory machines home. We have more invested in our custom vehicles than they and don't want them losing control (can't drive) and totally our years of labor and pride.

Anonymous said...

If somebody actually enforces traffic laws, there would be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Abandon OC and let it be. They want the money but not the event. They know what the event is and what the consequences are. Salisbury has several areas in which they could hold such an event. Leave OC, Solomon and Gomorra of MD and let them lose money. They are a bunch of hypocrites. All car / motorcycle events should abandon OC for 5 years and watch them cry. they will find out how they are not a family resort they claim to be. Every year they are being abandon for VA, NC and SC where they can claim and are family resorts with out MD higher taxes.

Anonymous said...

DAMM*T DAMM*T DAMM*T (sorry Joe, this is very frustrating). An entity can make all the laws/policies/initiatives one wants - but if you cannot ENFORCE said laws/policies/initiatives/etc - whats the use?

What, ticket ONE jacked up truck a day, carrying a rebel flag with black smoke pouring out the side and then BRAG about it?

"Tag" business owners for not having/displaying warning signs about disorderly conduct? (sorry that's a revenue generator IMO)

Have the Hotel industry "help" - huh? (you actually think the hotel industry is going to point their fingers at their paying customers...who are GRAY HAIRED with fat wallets???)

Joe I agree with your "good" comment and have seen my fair share of the bad element during cruising/bike/jeep/insert event type...HOWEVER it is a small group who disrupts and it is truly advertised via social media where the disruptions gather/takes place year after year. (BURNOUTS along the hotel row OR old Ocean City Road; 45th street, etc etc)...AND what time at night it ACTUALLY happens!!

WHY or WHY is there never any signs of law enforcement? Tis a simple question that is asked ad nauseam year after year after year.

Will say this, seems to ALWAYS be enough LEOs at that because it IS a younger crowd? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......smells/looks/walks like a duck so to me that's a fine line we are treading if demographics now dictate LEOs presence!!!!!!

Signed: very GRAY HAIRED and sooooooooooooo happy its T.G.I.F!!!!!!!

JoeAlbero said...

10:59, I have seen some of these jackasses in diesel pickup trucks dumping a ton of black smoke, (toxic) on people who are subjected to inhaling that crap. If it was me I'd pick up a brick, (or whatever was available) and throw it through the window of the truck or even at the truck. This is abuse and the Police should enforce this law whenever they can.

Anonymous said...

I saw bus drivers getting out to direct traffic for the safety of their passengers. Where were the cops, playing games on their laptops or riding their bikes?

Anonymous said...

I don't fault our LEOs, good gosh they put up with so much in our RESORT town. I fault their management. OCPD Mgmt and City Hall know EXACTLY what events are scheduled in OC way before they transpire. Year after year, the spring cruising date comes/goes BEFORE memorial day weekend. Year after year, the LEOs are minimally staffed that particular weekend.


If its poor planning or lack of resources, HECK we know of SOME DOOZIES of un-needed expenditures that have transpired - REPRIORITIZE or get out of the job! This is not rocket science folks. Truly its time to Drain the Swamp in OC!

Taking a line from another regular poster "CITY FAIL indeed!"

Anonymous said...

Well, in addition to OCPD, there were County and State patrol cars and motorcycle law enforcement people. I assumed they were there to help. Unfortunately, I can't understand how management ignored the traffic mess in the downtown area what was in utter gridlock. They really need to close off the cross streets there and convert them to cul de sacs for parking instead of letting shelter skelter drivers trying to beat the congestion. Drivers totally ignored traffic signals at the South Transit Station and blocked from exiting the station. The Town could have written a ton of tickets at that intersection alone. No enforcement, just chaos.

Steve said...

Great idea, it's a new assault and should addressed. Well done!