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Friday, June 09, 2017

Pocomoke City Manager/City Attorney Ernie Crofoot to step aside

Pocomoke City Manager/City Attorney Ernie Crofoot announced on Wednesday that he would be vacating the position he has held since August 2015.

“We agreed to a bi-party agreement for termination of services,” he said.

Crofoot said the precise date of departure has yet to be determined, but would be within two months.

Pocomoke City is currently advertising the position on its website. The job posting seeks a “progressive visionary leader with a strong, service-oriented approach to managing municipal operations.”



Anonymous said...

After trying so hard to get a job with Salisbury. That nonsense that worked for a bit in Pocomoke ain't gonna fly up here!!!

Anonymous said...

Pocomoke is so addicted to the homeboy network, anyone trying to enforce real law and order is quickly shot down and quashed in their efforts.

Walking away from the bullcrap is the honorable thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Crofoot has burned through so many municipal jobs, it's a comedy. Pocomoke City is definitely better off.