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Saturday, June 24, 2017

15,000 cited for illegally passing Montgomery Co. school buses

WASHINGTON — Fresh data from Montgomery County Public Schools show in detail the staggering number of drivers who break the rules by speeding past stopped school buses that are picking up or dropping off children.

Figures released this month show that 15,446 drivers were ticketed over the course of the latest school year, 2016-2017.

That is compared to fewer than 3,000 tickets issued during the previous year.

“It’s just horrifying,” said Todd Watkins, transportation director for the county’s school system. “You know in your heart what that could have ended up being. That could have ended up being a dead child.”



Anonymous said...

It's about money not safety. If they wanted to stop people from passing school buses they should suspend their driver's license for 30 days, second time 90 days, third time 180 days upon conviction.

Anonymous said...

Revenue enhancement at it finest!!!! Remember it all for the children!!!