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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The 'No Fun League,' Relaxes End Zone Celebration Rules

The National Football League announced three changes to the game on Tuesday, but the one getting most of the attention has to do with end zone celebrations.

For years, the league has limited how players could celebrate following touchdowns, and for how long.

The rules have been loosened for the 2017 season — allowing players to again use the football as a prop, celebrate as a group and roll around on the ground if they like.

Fans have long wanted the NFL to lighten up.

Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters that the moniker "No Fun League" had been thrown around since he was an intern in the league office.



Anonymous said...

If they wouldn't act so stupid, it wouldn't be so bad but now it's just going to be more "look at me" "look what I just did" Aren't I wonderful" type of crap going on.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Act like you have been in the end zone before. Act like you have made a tackle before. I love the NFL but I can't stand the idiotic dances and celebrations. Act like class not trash. No 'I' in 'team' selfish idiots.

Anonymous said...

Circus act.

Anonymous said...

Big mistake. This has no boundries. What is excessive celebration? All in the Referees discretion now?
Just toss the football to the referee. Act like this is no big deal, and "iI'll be back and score more". Not like it's winning a gold medal at the Olympics.
Like Jeff Burton in NASCAR used to say. "I don't do Burnouts, It's foolish, I plan on being here again in victory circle, and I'll act like it".

Anonymous said...

It is a tough game, they are one play from a career ending injury, and I like the violent sport. Personally, I like the players that simply throw the ball to the ref and do act like they have been there. But my feelings are not hurt when my they score on my team and celebrate - excessively! In fact, that should motivate the other team to play harder.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is the very reason I don't watch any longer. Who needs to see a grown man "twirking" or dry humping the air or shooting a bow and arrow?? They do this garbage after every single play. Have to pass on the " national felon league"

Anonymous said...

Under the 'old rules' there was too much showing off. This takes the limited restrictions away, and is a big step backwards.

Spike it or hand it to the ref. Save the dancing for after the game. What happened to the concept of sportsmanship?